We’ve partnered with Headspace

Fusion Care Group clients receive access to Headspace, the most science-backed meditation app in the world.

Meditation Treatment

“Sometimes once a week sessions are not enough to manage the high level of stress that people are enduring. Headspace can be used between sessions to provide internal peace, a calm mind, and ultimately support the amazing healing that our therapists provide.”

– Dr. Christiana Silva, Chief Health Officer, Fusion Care Group


Just a few minutes per day can make a big difference to your health.

Anxious Thoughts

Manage anxious thoughts

Doctors recommend meditation and mindfulness for when you’re experiencing anxious thoughts and as tools managing anxiety and depression.

Sleep Soundly

Sleep soundly

Research on mindfulness shows that it leads to a better quality of sleep, which helps to boost your immune system, encourage better eating habits, and improve mental clarity and memory.

Less Stress

Stress less

Meditating with Headspace reduces stress in as little as 10 days – which can also help reduce the physical symptoms that come with it.