Suffering from Anxiety, Stress, Depression or Sleeplessness?  Simply feeling a lack of Focus?

Neurofeedback is an Advanced Treatment to help Make you Feel, Calmer, Focused and Refreshed

Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback because it looks at brain activity via the EEG or electroencephalogram and gives feedback to your brain regarding activity and performance.   Neurofeedback trains your brain for optimal health and performance.

Neurofeedback trains your brain to self-regulate. Self-regulation allows your brain perform smoothly and function efficiently.  This helps your nervous system to stabilize uncomfortable and stressful symptoms and with a major side benefit of  strengthening brain performances to help keep you feeling calm and focused long term.


If you suffer from these symptoms, Neurofeedback can help!



Monitoring devices, or electrodes, provide moment-to-moment information about your physiological and nervous system via brain wave activity (EEG). The brain wave activity is then shown back to the person and his/her brain via visual, auditory (hearing), and tactile (touch) feedback in the form of a video game or movie, so essentially your brain will be playing video games.

The feedback (sounds, game or movie and tactile) rewards the brain for having activity in areas we wish to promote and is not rewarded for having activity in other inappropriate areas we wish to diminish. This range of feedback trains the brain so it learns effectively for the long term. We do not input anything into your brain, nor can we read your thoughts. It’s like showing a mirror to the brain so the brain knows what areas need to function better.


Most people feel calm and focused after each neurofeedback session. After approximately ten to twenty sessions, people are likely to see and feel changes in the body and brain!  Everyone is different and no two brains work the same and this is why we suggest a range of 10- 20 sessions for long lasting benefits.

Be sure to tell your neurofeedback specialist of any uncomfortable or unwanted feelings that may occur, such as a headache, irritability, or feeling groggy as these are helpful to understand in your training and can be corrected during your session. You should leave the neurofeedback session feeling comfortable, calm, and focused, as well as experience a great night’s sleep that evening!



Fusion Care is unique due to our team approach and our weekly clinical review process. Each week our PhD and PsyD Neurofeedback specialists meet with our Master’s level associate therapists/technicians to review and discuss each individual’s case. Each client has the combined knowledge of multiple clinicians reviewing their progress, treatment, symptoms, and suggesting changes, as well as making important referrals to clients for external assessment, support, and resources to improve the client’s success. 

As a team, every clinician is aware and up to date of every individual’s treatment, protocol and changes. This also means that you and your family are able to schedule an appointment any day and time that works with your schedule and receive the same individualized, progressive treatment.

Fusion Care offers fully integrated mental health and can schedule you with counseling sessions with a licensed therapist for added support via telehealth or in-person.

Neurofeedback is safe, non-invasive, free of side effects and many times a fantastic alternative to medications.

Call or email us to schedule a session or to inquire.