Autism Spectrum Disorders

What does autism mean?

Autism is a brain based syndrome that impacts a child’s communication skills, social skills, and ability to process sensory information. Our brain assists us in interpreting the things we see, smell, hear, taste, touch, and experience . When the brain has trouble interpreting this information, it can make it hard to talk, listen, understand, play, and learn. A child’s symptoms are usually defined as mild, moderate, or severe. Someone with mild symptoms might need only a little support. But a child with severe symptoms might need a great deal of support in learning how to navigate through the world. Some symptoms that are consistent with an Autism diagnosis include delayed speech, difficulty with non verbal communication, poor eye contact, repetition in tasks, rigidity, and repetitive motor mannerisms.

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Treatment for autism

There is currently no cure for Autism, however, there are a variety of treatments that are known to help mitigate the symptoms. Treatments may include occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy, social skills training and most notably, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It is very common that multiple specialists will work together to help the child learn to function more independently. Fusion Care Group is able to provide therapy support to children who are considered high functioning autistic and who are able to communicate verbally with the therapist. Our team may develop a treatment plan that focuses on parent support and education, social skills training, depression and anxiety support, life skills training, and assisting with greater development of communication skills.