create a healthy culture

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. With direct billing and no insurance premium, both employer and employee have peace of mind knowing their mental health is covered!


  • Zero paperwork
  • Text and email reminders
  • Fast and easy scheduling


  • HIPAA compliant systems
  • Encrypted email
  • Fully executed BAA


  • Integrated online platform
  • Phone, tablet, or computer
  • Easy to use

why mental health matters to Employers

20% of adults in the US suffer from some form of mental illness

Employees suffering from depression are 7x more likely to experience decreased effectiveness on the job

Each year underperforming workforces cost US employers $150B

70% of employees who receive mental health treatment show increased on-the-job productivity

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how it works

Simple steps. Life changing results.

Employee or Employer contacts The Fusion Care Group seeking help

Employer or Employee fills out our online questionnaire

We assign you a
therapist and schedule
an appointment

A monthly invoice is
generated with details
of the hours billed

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