What is Psychological testing?

A combination of rating scales, parent interviews, and academic and/or cognitive testing to help determine current mental health and or academic functioning and to determine strengths and areas of need.

Why would someone need to have testing?

To help determine academic or social-emotional areas of need that are affecting their school or work.

How does it work, what is the process?

  • Begins with pre-assessment interviews
  • Rating scales are then administered in person
  • 2-4 hours of testing of visual processing skills, audio processing skills, processing speed, problem-solving, general knowledge, short and long-term memory, and basic reading skills.
  • Finally, a detailed report is created explaining results will be presented following the assessment.
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Is Testing done in-person and/or telehealth?

Testing is conducted in person only at this time. Consultation and explanation of results can be conducted remotely by request.

Is it one time or are there follow-ups?

Typically two sessions will result in a report of findings. Follow up by request for an additional fee.

What are some specific reasons one would get testing?

  • ADHD evaluation
  • Learning disabilities
  • Executive functioning strengths and areas of need
  • School Accommodations
  • Workplace applications
  • Mental Health diagnoses
  • Treatment planning
  • Behavior prediction
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning
  • Assessment of intellectual functioning